Thank you! To all of our supporters, partners, volunteers, and local community members who played a role in our amazing Earth Day Waggle it! event, thank you! We had a beautiful day of art, education, and dancing in celebration of the honey bee!


Please share (and search for) photos and videos from the day by using the hashtag #waggleit on social media!

Thank You

A special thanks to:

Long Island City Artists, The Plaxall Gallery
Event Hosts

Jared Blake DiCroce
Event Emcee

Smiling Hogshead Ranch
Community Exhibitor

Contributing Artists:
Nick Enna
Jacqueline Fiorillo
Ashley Rebecca King McCarty
Kristen Terrana


What was this event? Where can I learn the event dance?

Salt Tree Art organized a 2018 Earth Day celebration that included a pop-up bee-themed art show, educational tables on honey bees and local community organizations, and a participatory public dance inspired by the "waggle" that honey bees use to communicate. To learn the "Waggle It" dance, check out our YouTube instructional video:

Who produced this event? What is Salt Tree Art?

This event was produced by Salt Tree Art, a NYC-based artist collective that focuses on connections between the environment, community, and the arts.

Salt Tree Art was excited to kick off its 2018 season with this Earth Day event! In addition to a range of visual and performing art projects, the group is also using 2018 to fundraise for the Salt Tree Project, a permanent community space dedicated to environmental art.

Will you be holding this event again? Does Salt Tree Art have any upcoming events?

We encourage you to follow Salt Tree Art's Instagram page for the latest updates on public events, performances, and workshops.

When do I receive my certificate of participation, or how do I correct an error on my certificate?

Please contact us through the Salt Tree Art contact form if you have corrections for a certificate or have not yet received your certificate.

How can I help or get involved with Salt Tree Art?

Salt Tree Art is fundraising to create a permanent space to showcase environmental art. Please visit the Salt Tree Project website for more information on supporting this intiative and becoming involved in Salt Tree Art's ongoing activities.

I have other questions!

Please contact us through the Salt Tree Art contact form.